Here’s How Much Money Fitness Youtubers Make (With REAL Examples)

In this article, we’re going to analyze how much money Fitness Youtubers make and in what ways.

How Youtube Adsense Works

Before we start, we should teach you about how advertising works on Youtube work.

One of the most important terms to understand is CPM.

CPM = Cost Per 1000 Impression 

Basically, it is how much an advertiser pays for every 1000 showings of their ad.

If a Youtube Channel has a CPM of $10, they’ll get $1,000 for 100,000 ad impressions.

Not 100,000 views — some videos will have more than 1 ad and others will have none.

In addition, there are many variables that affect the CPM. 

There is no straight-up computation on how much you can earn for every 1,000 impressions. 

It is highly dependent on the following: 

  1. Category of your videos (i.e. Lifestyle, Fashion/Clothing and apparels, Health and Beauty, Politics, Economics and Business, Public Figures updates, Sports etc.)
  2. Location of videos 
  3. Location of viewers 
  4. Season and Demographics 
  5. And so much more… 

It’s almost impossible to predict the exact CPM of any YouTube channel.

A video containing global news, education, finance & investments will usually have higher CPM compared to comedy and prank videos. 

Content with controversy will likely have a lower CPM since there’s less competition for it.

So keep in mind, some categories pay more than others.

The location of the audience has a huge impact on how much you can earn. 

Those in 1st world countries usually have higher CPMs since they have more purchasing power.

Just to give an example, countries like USA, Canada & UK can yield 15x more than countries like Serbia, Ukraine, etc…

Seasons as well, you can expect for CPM to shoot up during Christmas season and can be expected to go down around mid-January as the budget of advertisers starts to trim down. 

We’re going to cite a general example of YouTubers who revealed their actual earnings to prove our point. 

We got none other than Shelby Church.

She currently has 1.46M subscribers, she compared the adsense of 2 of her videos:

The first one was able to garner 2.2M views with earnings of $743.18 and a CPM of $1.6. 

$1.62 is pretty low for said video, let’s dig into why. 

  1. Most viewers have low CPM. Her top viewers are from India and Philippines, averaging $1.16 and $1.2 respectively, which is 39% of her total viewers. 
  2. Her viewers from the USA have a decent CPM of $4.08. 
  3. More than a 10-minute video may result to getting higher CPM as she gets the ability to control the number of ads. Remember, you want to have a respectable amount of ads in your video to not displease the viewers.
  4. Other factors she mentioned were the age and type of content. Advertisers will pay more or less depending on the demographic they want most.

If you want to be successful in this field, you must continue building your audience. 

Make your content fun, ensure high retention-rate, build your market credibility and then you can focus on other revenue sources, which can help you gain more stable and recurring earnings. 

How Fitness Youtubers Make Money

Fitness Youtubers primarily make money doing these 3 things:

A. Affiliate Marketing – Directing your viewers to another website to buy something. You get a cut off the sale.

B. Brand Partnerships – This is probably the dream of most Content Creators, especially if you’re able to land a contract with well-known, cash cow companies. 

C. Adsense – As talked about before.

We’re going to be analyzing the following 3 Fitness Youtubers, from smallest to biggest:

  1. Mohammad Dakkak, 3.58K Subscribers
  2. Austen Alexander, 195K Subscribers
  3. Kenny Ko, 380K Subscribers

1. Mohammad Dakkak

He is a small youtuber that started uploading videos consistently around early 2018 and according to him, he started getting monetized only around April 2019 (YouTube states that you must have at least 4,000 hours of watch time within 1 year and more than 1,000 subscribers). 

A. Adsense

As of January 2020, he has made $600 off ads. 

His latest CPM was $9.28, which is pretty high.

He also showed us the breakdown of his monthly ad revenue. 

It started as low as $4.27 and went up to $112.3. 

That’s an impressive “50.5% monthly growth rate.”

Mohammad Dakkak also gave us tips, some metrics and analytics for small YouTubers. 

Mohammad Dakkak mentioned that he probably earned more if he has worked full-time as a minimum wage earner compared to the number of hours he devoted to creating and uploading videos. 

But as he consistently provides and uploads more videos, he becomes more optimistic that earnings will grow rapidly as the monthly growth rate we computed is really high. 

Not to mention he also earns from Amazon links which unfortunately was not disclosed in details. 

In a nutshell, his words of advice are the following. 

Prepare yourself to do lots of hours, there could be some trial and error. 

Apply what works, watch your numbers and expand into other revenue streams when your audience is big enough.

2. Austen Alexander

He is an active-duty sailor for the US Navy, he started as an influencer 2 years ago. 

He grew his channel so fast with a 2 video approach — growth and brand video. 

Growth videos are something that will appeal to a bigger audience, go viral, attract subscribers and get his name out there.

On the other hand, brand video focuses on himself, his niche and something that his followers will keep expecting and coming back for.

He started by sharing about his life as a navy sailor, taking various physical military tests, and moreover sharing military exercise routines. 

It took him 2.25 years to get almost 200K subscribers. Which is incredible speed.

Fortunately for us, he was more than willing to share his paycheck. 

A. Adsense

From July to October 2019, he got 4.7M views & was able to earn $12,982.

B. Monthly Subscribers 

One of his main goals is to build a paid fitness community, he made his own website where you can subscribe for $6 a month. 

In August 2019, he had 59 monthly subscribers. This is equivalent to $354 per month. 

Let’s try to forecast how’s many additional subscribers he got. 

Since August, he has almost double the YouTube subscribers, which means it is very likely he has double the paid memberships, conservatively speaking.

C. Sponsorships

He made several videos sponsored by different companies, his average paycheck per video is $1,050. 

Especially since companies are the ones looking for him.  So, it doesn’t cost him to acquire any sponsors at all! 

Austen has nothing but greatness waiting for him.

3. Kenny Ko

He started his YouTube career 2-3 years ago and is part of Generation Iron, a fitness brand.

To date, he has 379k subscribers, which is massive considering the timeframe. 

He has viral videos that shoot up to 18m & 4.5m views! 

A. Adsense

He makes about $1 for every 1,000 views.

In the last 30 days, he had about 2.35M views, so he probably made about $2,350.

You can guess that his CPM is close to $1. 

B. Sponsorships and Marketing

Kenny was privy about his earnings on this revenue channels due to confidentiality with his partners. 

But he was able to mention that his best year gave him a whopping $360k. 

Kenny made it clear that sponsorships and affiliate marketing is where a lot of his earnings come from. 

We guess that, annually, he makes at least $30K from ads and around $330K from promoting other companies (affiliate marketing plus partnerships).


Fitness Youtubers should focus most on their personal brands more than anything.

Most money seems to be made by leveraging their personal brand to make money for other companies.

Mohammed has a great YouTube channel, but it’s very young.

Austen and Kenny have more mature businesses, and it’s very obvious that, as of now, most of their revenue growth will come from brand partnerships and promoting the services and products of other companies.

Are you interested in other youtube categories? Let us know!

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