“Pay Per Lead” Paid Ads Request Form

Who We Are:

My name is Max & I run Endless Value, which is a “pay per qualified lead” ads agency for high ticket products & services.

We’re a small team of hyper-focused marketers.

What We Do:

You fund the ads, we manage & consult for the ads. 

First, we figure out what a qualified lead is to you.

Second, we figure out the commission per lead.

Third, we start running ads.

Here are some companies (sorted by niche, can’t disclose the actual names) that I have consulted or worked with/for in general.:

  1. 7 Figure Amazon Seller That Sells 100s Of Products
  2. 7 Figure Healthcare Transportation Company
  3. Mens & Women’s Sexual Medical Company
  4. Medical Spa
  5. Crypto Newsletter
  6. Life Coaching
  7. House & Office Cleaning
  8. Custom Apparel & Sports Uniforms
  9. Medical PPE Company
  10. Collectible Card Grading Service
  11. Celebrity Owned Clothing Line
  12. Commercial Merch Company
  13. NFT Company
  14. Appliances & Home Goods Company
  15. Baby Toys & Apparel
  16. Tracking Software
  17. A Faith Based Non-Profit That Helps Young People Connect & Find Careers
  18. NYC Realty Company
  19. UGC Content Agency
  20. NYC Based Events & Entertainment Company
  21. NYC Based Real Estate Developer
  22. Luxury Sneaker E-commerce & Retail Store
  23. TRT Hormone & Weight Loss Company

Want To Work With Me? Contact Me (Privacy Policy: All leads we generate will be 100% confidential.)