Avoid People Who Don’t Pay You Back Money

One of the biggest virtues that you can practice today, is the virtue of paying people back no matter how small it is.

Most people tend to ignore small favors that were extended to them, especially from strangers or common acquaintances. However, what they fail to realize is that this small things and encounters can lead to greater opportunities.

Below is a written version of the podcast between Max Av and Peter that discusses the importance of the virtue of paying back. Check it out and you will realize why it’s extremely important to practice this virtue and how it can be very beneficial for you.

Max: When I bought somebody a Chipotle and I’m like, “Yo, Venmo me”. I use it as a huge signal to me that if I give you money, you should give it back. If I give money to a person and they don’t give it back, this is a signal that the person has a little careless. Things in the Bronx tale like that educated me relatively.

 Peter: Or that’s the last time I’ll ever give that person anything.

Max: It’s worth losing 20 bucks to understand if a person can be trusted with money. So if you bought somebody food and you ask them to Venmo you, and you have to tell them to Venmo you more than one time, the person is careless about you.

You are not a priority to them. They do not have that respect for you. So last time I bought somebody to Chipotle, I asked them to Venmo me. I asked them twice to Venmo me. They never been Venmo me, but let me tell you what happened. So I understand the person is careless about me. He does not have this level.

He does not have a high level of respect for me, but guess what? His friend who overheard me said, I know this person, I’m going to pay you for him. This person overheard and paid me money for him. That’s how respectful. He knows the importance of paying people back.

Peter: Or maybe that person thought, I know who this person is. I know he makes a lot of money. That’s why he don’t want to pay you back.

Max: It makes like a healthy five figure, maybe low six figure salary. It’s not about money. It’s about respect and empathy towards another person. Can I get paid for the Chipola? I got you. We’re not even friends like that. We’re not even,

Peter: Or maybe he thought, “I don’t think I’ll ever go out with eat with you again so you can pay for me”. *laughs*

Max: Come on. It’s not about the money, “I asked you twice. Where’s your respect, bro”. Like, I don’t care about the money. It’s about respect. Its about paying people back. And so the person who overheard paid for him, because that person has empathy and respect. I can tell you his name, but afterwards, but the thing is like, come on. If you have to tell a person more than once they pay you back, trust me, they’re not talking.

The Virtue of Paying People Back Has its Rewards

As max has said, “it’s not about the money, it’s about the respect”. This is the biggest lesson that we can get from the podcast – Respect begets Respect.

Regardless of how little and insignificant it may seem, you should always try to pay back anyone that does you a favor. Who knows? It might open bigger doors for you, doors that will lead you to more success in your endeavors.

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